“The Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of the profit Jesus has been taken from its safe keeping”

The Power of Few is a multi layered Theological action thriller starring, Christopher Walken, Christian Slater and Q’orianka Kilcher.

As the trailer opens we are greeted by Larry King addressing the audience from a TV screen with a vague plot overview. What follows is the introduction of the lead characters.

The first is Alexa (Q’orianka Kilcher) a young girl working as motorcycle courier. The Second is Doke, a contemporary profit who eccentrically presents us with narrative insights. Thirdly we have Clyde (Christian Slater) a militant investigator who is hot on the trail of whatever it is that Alexa has been paid to deliver. Finally we are introduced to Junkshow (Anthony Anderson) and Shamu(Juvenile) who are driving around with a machine gun, presumably chasing Alexa as well.

The trailer is cut very well and includes some impressive stylistic elements including a slow motion playback sequence, as well as an interesting caption display throughout.

However slick cars, shiny guns and the arguably racist depiction of a stereotypical Middle Eastern terrorist, unfortunately make this trailer juvenile (No pun intended) and contrived. Even with its theological undertones, the trailer fails to deliver anything of real depth or intrigue.

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