“Is it a guy? …You want me to kill him for you?”

Directed by Austin Chick, Girls Against Boys starring Nicole LaLiberte and Danielle Panabaker is set for release next month.

As the trailer begins we are introduced to Shae (Danielle Panabaker), a beautiful naive college student who is heartbroken and abused by 2 men in a matter of hours. After reaching her breaking point she meets Lu (Nicole LaLiberte), who offers to ‘deal’ with these men once and for all. Together they violently exact revenge on Shae’s abusers.

Apparently flying the flag for femininity and women empowerment, this trailer falls short somewhat. The leading lady appears weak until taken under the wing of an apparent psychopath, wearing bright red lipstick, heels, and wielding a samurai sword, in a world where all men are sex crazed predators or heartless, cheating cowards. If this is an attempt at feminist cinema it fails hands down and merely comes across as a dominatrix fantasy made by the ever patriarchal Hollywood machine.

Stylistically, the trailer is nicely shot, and is cut at a fast pace that outlines the all be it shallow narrative very well, with a generic underscore that could be played over any contemporary thriller.

Predictions for the film: Generic and dull, but the politics involved will unfortunately make it a talking point and keep it going until it is well past its sell by date.

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