Trailer Review:

‘Revenge… I’ve never thought about it before, but when I saw you I knew I had my answer.’

Dead Man Down is the up and coming action thriller from Swedish director Niel Arden Oplev, which stars Colin Farrel, Noomi Rapace and Terrence Howard, which is set for release this March.

What starts off as a potential love story between Victor played by Collin Farrel and Beatrice played by Noomi Rapace, quickly becomes a sinister game of murderous revenge played out on a New York backdrop.

Victor is a professional killer, after witnessing some of his handy work Beatrice is quick to take advantage, with a motive for revenge she blackmails Victor into hunting a gangland boss played by Terrence Howard. However, is Victor doing it because he has no choice, or is there something more to their relationship?

From the director who brought you the original, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, this trailer brings with it some impressive action sequences, blending explosive slow motion with an elegant Noir stylistic, all of which is under scored by a beautiful rendition of Shine on You Crazy Diamond by Kendra Morris.

However with such an impressive action packed trailer, what more can the movie offer?

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