Directed by Gore Verbinski, The Lone Ranger is the up and coming western from blockbuster Producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Starring, Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer.

As the trailer opens we join John Reid waking from a dream, which thanks to vague, dark close-ups and quick editing plays out like an impressive subliminal nightmare. When Reid, played by Armie Hammer, regains composure we are greeted by Tonto, a Native American spirit warrior, played by the ever mysterious Johnny Depp. Together they transform Reid from an average lawman, into the mythical legend that is The Lone Ranger.

Grand sweeping shots, fast paced editing, and slow motion, combined with explosions and a train wreck, underscored with a heavy guitar riff, make this trailer everything you come to expect from the Hollywood heavyweight Jerry Bruckheimer.

The trailer also presents formulaic similarities to those seen in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, with Hammer being the unshakable hero and Depp providing the comedy. Only this time the cast have substituted their ships for horses and swords for pistols, although Depp’s mascara seems to have remained intact.

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