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The Dead 2 Official Teaser Trailer

The Ford Brothers will be returning with a sequel to their cult zombie offering The Dead. Watch The Dead 2 official teaser here!

Earlier this year we met with Howard J. Ford, director of cult zombie movie The Dead (read our interview here). Having garnered favourable reviews, viewers clamoured for a sequel… so here we present you with the first official teaser for The Dead 2.

If you’ve not yet seen 2010’s The Dead, the premise is a simple one. Set in Africa, it follows American Air Force Engineer Lieutenant Brian Murphy as he battles against hoardes of the undead. Utilising some impressive effects for its low budget the film did well.

Encountering numerous setbacks whilst filming, the crew of The Dead found that filming a zombie movie in the heart of Africa was no easy task.

It has been revealed that The Dead 2 will be shot in India. Howard J. Ford unleashed the teaser trailer for the film at the FrightFest Halloween All Nighter before announcing the news. The trailer features shots taken on a recent location recce whilst principle filming is expected to begin February 2013.

With a completed script there’s little holding the sequel back. Although he made it clear when we spoke to him earlier this year that he doesn’t want to be typecast into being a zombie movie director, Howard J. Ford was quick to point out that “The Dead 2 will go places no other zombie movie has been before.”

When speaking about the sequel his brother, Jon Ford, has described how he wants part two to surpass its predecessor; “We want to give the fans unique and stunning locations, more intense story and action, while maintaining the emotional heart that runs through the whole film. It’s still a journey movie which will have a controversial edge and a lot more scares!”

With that in mind, The Dead 2 is set to appeal to horror fans nationwide. Keep your eyes peeled for future news!

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