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Bounty Hunters (2011) – Film Review


Three down-on-their-luck bounty hunters hit the jackpot one night when a mob informant with $100,000 on his head comes their way. Things get complicated when a mob boss offers them one million dollars to have him delivered to him. During the course of this eventful night, assassins will be unleashed and blood will be shed.

OK, lets get this out of the way first. This film is bad. Not ‘bad’ in a cool Michael Jackson kind of way, but bad as in truly awful. The production values seem to be lower than a student film and the acting is possibly the worst we’ve ever seen.

Let’s not get carried away, this is not an adaptation of William Shakespeare. It is a rough and tumble B movie showcasing the talents of WWE women’s wrestling champion Trish Stratus (yes – her talents have so far eluded us as well!), featuring lots of ‘chick fights’ and ‘bare knuckle action’ (as the press notes describe them). Are we being too critical? Will the target market, presumably teenage boys between the ages of 15 and 17 (so not too a big window), lap it up and not care about the quality? Will they want to see further adventures of Miss Stratus and her loveable lunk of a partner Boomer Phillips (yes you heard correctly, Boomer Phillips!)? Well if they do then our faith in the youth of today will evaporate into thin air.

Lets just run through this again:
Acting – diabolical and cringeworthy.
Chick fights – boring and staged.
Bare knuckle action – unintentionally funny.
Script – clichéd and amateurish.

One redeeming feature though. It only lasts 76 minutes… but that was 73 minutes too long.

This is also known as Bail Jumpers, please report any sightings to the movie going public. You have been warned.


Best bit: The closing titles are quite stylish, and they herald the end of the movie!

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