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Film Focus Podcast – Episode 34: Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Sony Pictures have teamed up with Marvel for their latest Spider-Man reboot, here are my thoughts...

On episode 34 of Film Focus I talk about the latest film from Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures in the form of Spider-Man: Homecoming. After Spider-Man he was introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Captain America: Civil War last year I knew I was ready for his solo film straight away.

So with a decent marketing campaign and a lot of hopeful interviews from the cast and crew about how this latest version of Spider-Man would turn out, is it a successful reboot or another disappointing session? Well, check out this spoiler-free review to find out.

P.S. I probably sound less charismatic than usual and that was due to me being really exhausted at the time of recording and I apologize for that if I come across as unenthusiastic.

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