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When two friends set out on a quest for an exclusive edition of their favorite comic book one morning, they find something unexpected. This sets off a series of events that no one could have predicted. And they haven't even had breakfast!

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US: Sun 18 Jun, 2017

Breakfast Film Review

Tue 20 Jun, 2017 @ 19:41 GMT

Breakfast is the perfect follow up to 2015’s Dinner; it utilises the elements that worked in the first movie, but extends the running time to 23 minutes to create a more complete story. It brings back the main cast from Dinner, although does not follow on as a sequel. This is the second course in the aptly names “Dinner-verse”.

Whilst looking through a comic book store Oscar (Joshua Kachnycz) and Hamilton (Ricardo Segarra) come across a comic book called Dormis, which was left incomplete after the artist mysteriously disappeared. Despite being told by the owner the comic is not for sale, they decide to take the comic book anyway, with the intention of completing the story themselves.

Elsewhere Dylan (Aleksandra Svetlichnaya) wakes up with her morning routine on a loop. After checking her phone, hair, teeth, make-up, she announces to the mirror “Breakfast time.” As she leaves the bathroom, she is met by a masked assailant who attacks her. She manages to get the upper hand, but in doing so finds herself waking up and the day begins again.

The film is again made on a limited budget, but still manages to deliver through some creative ideas, clever twists and slick editing which really help the film stand out. Bringing the film together are Kachnycz and Segarra who continue to play off each other, with as much energy as the first film. Their childlike behaviour working perfectly to change the direction and tone of the movie.

Svetlichnaya once again not only proves her fighting ability on the screen, but also manages to deliver a rounded performance, which includes an excellent motivational monologue. Although this is irreverently ignored by Kachnycz and Segarra in the film, it helps to set up the events of another brilliant post credit scene and finally, breakfast.

There is a lot of fun to be had with Breakfast, which includes plenty of Easter eggs relating to Dinner and other fandoms, including the TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997 – 2003). An influence which Svetlichnaya openly embraces as an influence in both the fight scenes and acknowledgments in the film.

Dinner showed that Aleksandra Svetlichnaya was someone to look out for and  Breakfast doesn’t disappoint. Improving on her debut film in almost every area, it’s a well thought out action comedy which leaves the audience wanting more.

Breakfast is currently playing at various festivals and has been officially selected to be screened at the San Diego Comic Con 2017.

A great concept which is delivered with plenty of laughs.
Would love to have seen more of the action sequences.
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