Film Review

Wed 27 Apr, 2011 @ 21:20 GMT

Street Wars sees Steven Seagal take on his latest role as police enforcer and mentor Elijah Kane. Battling with internal corruption and departmental politics, Kane is set on eradicating the latest shipment of potent narcotics on his Seattle streets as well as being hunted by the fearful drug barons responsible for it.

When a new cocktail drug bursts onto the Seattle party scene in the film’s opening, grave consequences are faced. As Kane and his team track down the source, they find there are more sinister forces involved as well as having to contend with an apparent leak in their midst putting their lives in danger.

On top of this strenuous workload, Kane’s team are tasked with protecting a disdainful and arrogant television producer who puts further strain on their limited resources.

As expected with a Seagal film, the Seattle underbelly come in for some tough treatment at the end of Seagal’s fists of fury and martial art melee. Seagal’s impressive fighting displays however are countered by his lack of being able to act his way out of the proverbial paper bag.

The supporting cast are his impressive opposites, notably Meghan Ory as his ballsy fellow police officer, Juliet and Kyle Cassie as Officer Gates who carves a likeable character with very little substance to work with. Seagal’s monotone delivery makes his character vastly more difficult to care for.

Intended as part of a series of ‘True Justice’ features, Street Wars definitely has more of a feel of a television series than an impressive lone feature film. The plot suffers from being a number of stories which are casually flung together, guiding the audience through an A to B storyline rather than giving them twists and turns to negotiate.

The direction is solid, littering safe camera angles with city-scape long shots but ultimately the flimsy plot line and poor leading man leave it feeling more like an average Z-Cars than an intelligent CSI.

Best scene: Seagal’s raid on the drugs factory supplying Seattle’s ravers.
Best performance: Meghan Ory – amusing but stern.
Best line: ‘Whoah I don’t have any beef with you’
‘You will when I get through with this beating’.
Watch this if you liked: CSI, Bad Boys.