Film Review

Sat 24 Nov, 2012 @ 09:32 GMT

Benny is an independent film-maker trying to get funding for her post-modern horror film. During the course of her quest her life will spiral into dark territory and she will begin to question who she really is. Can she find some redemption or will she give in to her dangerous compulsions?

Slated as a horror film (it won the Best Horror Film award at The Oregon Independent Film Festival.), but much more a psychological study, Benny Loves Killing can sometimes be a tough watch, but is ultimately a rewarding one. Benny, as played by Pauline Cousty, is a very complicated character. She is a habitual drug user, thief and virtual vagrant. She never washes, is socially inept and constantly fantasises she is living other people’s lives. Despite this, she has a loyal but very small circle of associates who care for her but fear she will ultimately lose control. She is not a very likeable character but, in Cousty’s hands, she is quite fascinating and you are constantly worried about where her life is heading.

With echoes of Brad Anderson’s The Machinist, you will need to experience this film to find out if Benny achieves any kind of redemption. But stick with it because you will want to find out.

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The film was shot in just 13 days.