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Trailer Review: John Dies at the End

Two slackers fight to save the world from alien monsters in this new offbeat comedy from Don Coscarelli.

Chris Asiama | 6 years | Read
Film Feature

Top 10 British Oscar Winners

With Oscars night 2013 fast approaching we present to you our top ten most successful British actors and actresses in the history of the Academy Awards…

Julian Finch | 6 years | Read
Film Feature

Top 10 Shakespearean Adaptations

As William Shakespeare’s prominence in contemporary culture has somewhat dampened in recent years, we glance a selective eye over some of the most worthy Shakespearean adaptions.

Anthony Lowery | 6 years | Read
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Own Movie Yoda Has

Will our favourite backwards-talking Jedi Master soon be appearing in his own spin-off film? It certainly looks that way!

Rachel Godfrey | 6 years | Read
Film Review

Gut (2012)

Gut is an effective and deeply disturbing American independent that pays homage to one of the genre’s great directors.

Paul Anderson | 6 years | Read
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The Comeback

Take example from Hollywood’s comeback onslaught of 2012 and make this year your comeback year. Swedish writer Isabella Bange writes about what it takes.

Isabella Bange | 6 years | Read