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Carrie (2013)

Julianne Moore and Chloë Grace Moretz play mother and daughter in this remake of Brian De Palma’s classic horror film.

Chris Asiama | 6 years | Read
Film Review

Review: Scanners (1981)

Whilst Scanners might not be Cronenberg’s deepest film, its madcap plot and exploding head make it one of his most entertaining works.

Paul Anderson | 6 years | Read
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Review: The Evil Dead (1981)

It spawned a collection of films so it’s only right that we take a look at The Evil Dead, the 1981 original gore-fest original directed by Sam Raimi.

Nicola Hall | 6 years | Read
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Review: Stolen (2012)

Stolen marks Nicolas Cage’s reunion with director Simon West, after their last film Con Air. Only intermittently entertaining and bogged down by too much over-familiarity in the writing and too little impact overall.

Jack Bottomley | 6 years | Read