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Ivan Drago on the Rocky road to a comeback

Return of the Russian in Creed 2?

He may be fictional, but the headline above isn’t too far from the truth. More than 30 years since Dolph Lundgren brought him to life on the big screen for the one and only time in 1985’s Rocky IV, the character of Ivan Drago looks odds-on to re-surface in the next chapter of the saga, Creed 2.

Whether or not this would be Lundgren himself once more is questionable, as the Swedish action man is now 59 years old. Instead it may be his son or a protégé that will be spoiling for a fight with Adonis Creed, whose father Apollo was slain in the ring by Drago.

Not that realism has ever worried Sylvester Stallone in the past. Every part of the Rocky franchise has, to some degree, blown a big fat raspberry in the face of plausibility and just got on with being immensely entertaining (well, apart from the fifth film perhaps). So if Lundgren does enter the ring against Creed Jr., rather than settle for a game of darts with Sly, fans will surely be no less keen.

The latest in a string of Instagram entries contains shots of a hand-written script with ‘Drago’ clearly scrawled upon it. Not only that, but the post is also hashtagged #Drago. this all seems pretty clear cut, unless Stallone is in the habit of playing controversial pranks.

Hell, why not have Wladimir Klitschko playing Drago’s student, if that’s the way the producers decide to go? Ukranian he may be, but at 41 years of age, he would at least make it realistic. Besides, if Tony Bellew manged to cut the mustard in Creed, there’s no reason why ‘Dr. Steelhammer’ shouldn’t get a crack.

While we’re at it, what about the possibility of Mr Ts Clubber Lang, the Italian Stallion’s motor-mouthed adversary in the third instalment, coming back to upset proceedings in some way? I’ll wait for the hashtag.


Sources: Maxim | Nerd's Magazine

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    Part IV the best of the bunch I reckon, and yes, let's just forget the fifth film ever happened. When I'm out running I deliberately look for steps to climb so I can sing 'Eye Of The Tiger' . . often out loud. This franchise clearly had an effect on me!