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Film fans everywhere have been crying out for some originality for quite some time now, and now it looks as if they’re well and truly going to get it because Bubbles, the Michael Jackson story told from the perspective of his pet chimp, looks a done deal.

It’s a concept that sounds as strange as the relationship itself, which came to an abrupt end in 2003 amid concerns for the safety of Jacko’s son, Prince Michael II, as Bubbles became noticeably more aggressive.

The stop-motion animated flick, which will be adapted from Isaac Adamson‘s much sought-after script, is to be produced by Dan Harman and Starburns Industries who were the brains behind the highly successful Anomalisa. The advantage of doing things in this rather inventive way is that there will be little, if any, need for legal matters, and when the subject matter is as controversial as this that’s one hell of an inconvenience avoided. Now that Harman, together with Andrew Kortschak and the End Cue Company, have secured the rights it’s good to go.

The story starts in 1983 when the King of Pop first adopted Bubbles from a research centre in Austin, Texas. If this project looks like an attempt to humanise Bubbles then that’s fitting because treated him very much like one of the family. The two dined together on a regular basis and the world’s most famous chimp had use of pretty much everything that Neverland had to offer. He also accompanied his master on tour, although it’s thought he wasn’t too thrilled when he decided to become an Exeter City fan. It’s as extraordinary and offbeat as the man himself, but the now 30 year-old Bubbles lives out his days at a peaceful animal sanctuary in Florida.

A director has yet to be acquired so a release date is some way off. While we’re at it, who do you think would be a good choice?

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  1. Definitely an original concept and an intriguing story to tell.