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More community service for Lindsay Lohan

This Mean Girl has reportedly been logging her 'meet-and-greets' as community service and is ordered to do 125 more hours!

28-year-old Lindsay Lohan used to be that adorable little sweetheart; one who gripped our hearts in The Parent Trap, identified with every girl going through teenage nightmares in Freaky Friday and took on the now iconic role of Cady in Mean Girls – but that’s just what we saw on screen. A whole lot of not-so-sweet situations had L-Lohan tied up in her everyday life causing her to spend time in rehab and therapy.

She was arrested in 2012 after reckless driving and lying to police. To avoid the case going to trial, Lindsay accepted a deal which meant she was required to carry out 30 days community service and 18 months of psychological therapy sessions as well as a 90-day stint in rehab. After arriving nearly an hour late to her court hearing, her probation was extended for a further two years. Lindsay’s plea deal meant that she would be able to avoid 180 days in jail for violating her probation of a separate case.

Whilst starring in a production of David Mamet’s Speed-the-Plow for her debut on the West End, Lindsay worked with charity group Community Service Volunteers (CSV) and was reported to have lobbied Ensurance, a U.S. insurance company, to donate £6,440 ($10,000) to their organisation. CSV issued a statement in favour of Lindsay, saying: “She has built strong relationships with the young volunteers she has worked with on the scheme.” Lindsay had volunteered to work with teenagers in the London borough of Hackney on the organisation’s Positive Futures project. Some of these hours were also apparently logged through meet-and-greets with fans after her performances of Speed-the-Plow.

Despite all her work with the teenagers on this Positive Futures project. and hours Lindsay also logged with young people ‘shadowing’ her whilst she stars in her West End show, U.S. prosecutors questioned these activities and challenged the evidence submitted by her attorney. It was alleged that some of the hours CSV had signed off for Lindsay’s community service were false, as they included her meeting audience members of her show. CSV denied that they had agreed with Lindsay to increase her hours by including her ‘meet-and-greets’. Due to the issues that were raised surrounding these possibly inflated hours, the prosecutors stated that they were now void and Lindsay must complete another 125 hours of community service before May 28.

A hearing has been scheduled for March 12, where Lindsay will be issued with a new community service agency to decide how she can complete the rest of her community service in a way that is acceptable to the courts. Her lawyer Shawn Holley stated that she does not have a problem with doing extra hours as “she’s enjoying doing community service. Her passion is really working with kids… and kids really respond to her.”

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