It’s been a pretty exciting week for those hungry for news of the third and final Hobbit film, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Not only were we gifted with another still from the movie (see above), but the first official poster for the film has also been released.

Admittedly, the still is not that exciting (just battle-weary Gandalf and Bard looking gravely at something we can’t see), however the poster more than makes up for that. Feast your eyes on the below.


As you can see, it really sets the town on fire (sorry). Well, what more could we ask for? Here we have Smaug bearing down on Laketown with only our old friend Bard to stand in his way (although presumably he’ll have a bit of help in the actual film).

The poster has been released just in time for the San Diego Comic-Con, where the film’s first trailer is likely to have its premiere. The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies will be released in the UK on December 12th 2014.

EDIT: Below is another still from the film which was also released this week, showing Gandalf and Thranduil having a chinwag in what looks like the snow covered ruins of Dale. FYI: Gandalf appears to be holding the staff that got destroyed in Dol Guldur, which is causing a bit of a continuity controversy.

gandalf thranduil

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