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Video: X-Wing style fighter on the Star Wars VII set

J J Abrams has appeared in another cute video from behind the scenes of Star Wars: Episode VII, and this one includes a look at an X-Wing style fighter (among other things)

In May this year we got all excited over our first glimpse of alien life from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII; now we’re getting excited over our first look at a space craft from the film. It looks somewhat similar to our favourite X-Wing fighter of yesteryear (albeit a lot more bashed up).

Director J J Abrams  has been using these short behind-the-scenes videos not only to give us sneak peaks of what we can expect from the film, but also to shine a spotlight on UNICEF and other charities through his ‘Force for Change’ campaign. The campaign affords fans the opportunity to win trips to the set, tickets to special advance screenings, and even a small cameo in the film itself.

Check out the above video for more info on how to donate to the campaign and win prizes. A couple of familiar looking characters rear their heads towards the end, including an MSE-6-Series repair droid, better known as the mouse droid (squee! We love those guys).

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