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When it was announced last year that there was to be an open casting call for Episode VII, lots of young hopefuls jumped at the chance to snag themselves a slice of Star Wars pie.

According to Lucasfilm, ‘The casting calls spanned 11 cities across the US and UK and over 37,000 hopefuls attended, with a further 30,000 submitting applications online.”

The two actors unearthed by the casting call have now been announced as Crystal Clarke, an American actress studying in Glasgow, and Pip Anderson, a British actor who is apparently very talented at Parkour (that thing that involves jumping around on roofs and such – like at the beginning of Casino Royale).

Clarke is soon to be seen in her very first feature film, The Moon and the Sun, while Andersen has recently appeared in a Spider-Man advert for Sony. As of yet, there is no word on what sort of roles the two will take on.

While announcing the casting via their website, Lucasfilm also took the opportunity to update us on what’s happening with production on Episode VII since Harrison Ford’s on set injury.

“In August, the team will take a brief two-week hiatus while adjustments to the current production schedule are made as actor Harrison Ford recovers from a leg injury. Harrison is doing well and is looking forward to returning to the set soon. Shooting remains on track to wrap in the fall with the film scheduled for release on December 18, 2015.”

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