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Writer and producer Simon Kinberg has revealed that Ridley Scott’s next film will be The Martian, starring Matt Damon, and not Prometheus 2 after all.

The Martian will tell the story of an astronaut (presumably played by Damon) who is left alone on Mars after a dust storm causes the rest of his crew to abandon planet without him, believing him to be dead. Yipes.

Kinberg, who is a producer on the project, was speaking on Jeff Goldsmith’s podcast when he broke the news.

It had been originally thought that Scott’s 2016 ‘mystery film’ would turn out to be the sequel to 2012’s Prometheus; however it seems Prometheus 2 has either been pushed back a year or so, or even that Fox is planning to assign someone else to direct. Scott is also in line to direct the planned Blade Runner sequel, but will we be seeing that before the Prometheus sequel, or after?

Nobody knows, probably not even Scott himself at this stage. We’ll be keeping our ears to the ground.

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