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Rumour: Star Wars VII has a working title

Yes, we're afraid it's yet another Star Wars rumour, but an interesting one - it looks as though the seventh film might have a working title, and we think it's pretty good...

Last week we finally had official word on who was going to be featuring in the next Star Wars movie, which begins filming in the UK this month. The rumour mill is still grinding on, and the focus of this week’s geeky gossip is what the new film is possibly going to be titled.

According to Ain’t it Cool, the current working title of Star Wars VII is The Ancient Fear. This is purportedly in reference to the villain of the piece, who is apparently going to be played by The Exorcist‘s Max von Sydow.

As working titles go it’s a pretty good one; it’s in keeping with the rest of the franchise, and it certainly sparks up the old interest. Who or what is this ancient fear? What’s so darn fearful about it? And if it’s so ancient, why haven’t we heard about it before? Or maybe we have…

Erstwhile cast Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher will all be returning to their roles for this sequel, along with a bunch of fresh faces. Last time we saw Han, Luke and Leia they were having a hoedown with some teddy bears in Sherwood Forest. Some thirty years will have passed by the beginning of the new film, or so we’re told, so presumably this ancient fear will have started to kill their vibe somewhat.

What do you think of The Ancient Fear as a possible title for our next adventure in a galaxy far far away?


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