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Dame Judi Dench recently spoke out about how her failing eyesight due to Macular Degeneration makes it difficult to read scripts. The condition also makes it hard for her to watch films too, which is very unfortunate.

Macular Degeneration is more common in older people, and usually leads to a gradual loss of vision. Dench, who is 79, revealed that her mother also suffered from the condition. Thankfully the condition has not dampened her spirit though, as the actress is keen to keep working and won’t retire just yet.

On the set of her last film Philomena her co-star Steve Coogan apparently read the script to her, which helped Dench learn her lines. The actress received yet another Oscar nomination for her role.

Judi Dench is one of the most successful actors in both Britain and Hollywood, and hopefully she will continue acting for a long time. She has won multiple Oscars, and has notched up 95 award nominations during her illustrious career.

Sources: Guardian
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