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Robots will Enable Fans to talk to Stars Live on BAFTA Red Carpet

It's not a February Fool - fans will get to talk to stars on the BAFTA red carpet while sitting in their living rooms, through the medium of the EE Fanbots

Nope, we’re not making it up! Film fans are being given the chance to use their Tablets to chat live to stars as they wander the red carpet at this year’s EE British Academy Film Awards (otherwise known as the BAFTAs), which will take place this Sunday night at the Royal Opera House in London.

The two robots, which have been christened the EE Fanbots, take the form of screen-like ‘heads’ on wheels, so the fans will not only be able to talk to the celebs (with their own face appearing on the robot’s screen), they will also be able to move the robots around from the comfort of their own living room. What’s the betting they both chase after Leonardo DiCaprio as soon as he suaves into view?

If you’re thinking that you’d like to have a go at controlling an EE Fanbot, and maybe have a quick chat with Tom Hanks while you’re about it, then I’m afraid you’re out of luck. The jammy swine who’ll get to have a try have already been chosen from amongst EE customers, and are no doubt sharpening up their interview skills at this very moment in preparation for Sunday.

Of the plan to let loose the Fanbots at the BAFTAs, Director of Brand at EE Spencer McHugh has said:

“The BAFTA Film Awards are one of the most prestigious and glamorous occasions in the global film calendar, and we wanted to give genuine film fans the opportunity to enjoy the experience wherever they may be. This is now possible thanks to the magic of technology and to be able to trial the EE Fanbots on such a grand stage is thrilling for us. Robots have long been a favoured subject of movie-makers so it’s fitting that we can bring film fans closer to the action using this exciting new technology on our superfast network.”

We’ll all be glued to the BAFTAs on BBC1 at 9pm, Sunday 16th of February, and footage of the Fanbots will go live on the EE website on Monday 17th.

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