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[dropcap]P[/dropcap]roducers of the upcoming Expendables 3 are so confident in the financial performance of their yet to be released sequel that plans are already in motion to start shooting the next installment of the star-studded franchise as early as next year.

It was in a recent interview with Politika – a Bulgarian news site – that Expendables franchise producer Avi Lerner revealed his plans to shoot the fourth installment of the 80s action homage series: “Next year maybe we’re filming Expendables 4”, he said.

Lerner, in the same interview, also told of some potential ideas for the setting of the film, saying“The action will be developed in Cuba, but only if Fidel Castro is still alive, otherwise the story will change.”

In a separate interview with Standart News, Lerner heaps praise on Bulgaria and the nationals who worked on the crew, mentioning his plans to shoot the fourth film in the Eastern European country once again: “I am extremely pleased by everything that happened here because of the Expendables 3. It was the best – studio teams locations. And the second part (was) made in Bulgaria. And the fourth will probably shoot here.”

 Lerner has clearly taken a liking to Bulgaria (tax incentives) having shot Expendables 2 at the nation’s re-developed Nu Boyanna Studios and just recently wrapped up filming on the Patrick Hughes directed third film, which boasts a cast list featuring names such as Sylvester Stallone, Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger and every other action hero of yesteryear.

Both The Expendables and Expendables 2 took a respectable $300 million at the box-office, clearly showing the financial potential for old-school action movies and the continued audience appeal of its has-been stars.

Expendables 3 is set to be released on August 15 2014.

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