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[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ett Lucas, son of Star Wars creator George Lucas, has revealed that his father is still very involved in the production of Star Wars VII, despite selling Lucasfilm to Disney last year and relinquishing control of the franchise.

We already knew that Lucas the elder was staying on as a creative consultant, but the news that he is in constant contact with director JJ Abrams has proved surprising to some. It has also been somewhat of a disappointment to those fans who hoped that keeping Lucas out of the way would save the next batch of sequels from the same fate as the poorly received prequels.

Interviewed by Flicks and the City, Jett Lucas said that his father had been ‘very torn’ about letting go of the franchise, but was eager to see what would become of the story now that Abrams is at the helm.

“He’s (George) constantly talking to JJ,” the younger Lucas revealed. “Obviously JJ was handpicked. He is there to guide, whenever, he’ll help where he can. At the same time, he wants to let it go and become its new generation,”

Jett Lucas also confirmed that actress Saoirse Ronan has auditioned for Star Wars, but then proceeded to stamp on the rumours that Benedict Cumberbatch, who played Khan in Abram’s Star Trek: Into Darkness, was also up for a role.

“I think that would be the beginning of the apocalypse if you were to cross Star Trek with Star Wars,” he said. “I think that’s a dangerous combination. Again, it would be interesting. It’s an idea to explore if anything.”

By Jett’s reasoning we could argue that the end of the world is already very nigh, seeing as JJ Abrams has his fingers well and truly plunged into both the Star Trek and Star Wars pies. However, it was confirmed earlier this year that Abrams will not be directing the third Star Trek movie (presumably because he’ll be in a galaxy far far away), so perhaps he has jumped ship entirely from the Enterprise to the Millennium Falcon.

Sources: Guardian, Yahoo, YouTube
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