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[dropcap]A[/dropcap] new rumour has appeared online claiming Benedict Cumberbatch may have a role in the next Star Wars film.  According to Film Chronicles he may appear in Star Wars Episode VII which would reunite him with director J.J. Abrams.

The actor played John Harrison (AKA Khan) in Star Trek: Into Darkness, which was also directed by Abrams, and both are fans of the genre. In an interview with Total Film, Cumberbatch talked about his love for Star Wars and how he remembers the films from his childhood:

“I really, really loved those films and I always wanted to be Han Solo. Everything Harrison Ford did I just thought was the coolest thing ever.”

Cumberbatch recently pulled out of Guillermo Del Toro’s new H.P. Lovecraft inspired horror movie called Crimson Peak. Filming for Crimson Peak is due to start around the same time as the filming for Star Wars, which makes this news very intriguing. Apparently, according to Hollywood Reporter, his decision to leave the movie was not because of another project – but anything is possible.

This is all speculation however, and no information has been leaked about what possible role the actor would play in the film if cast. His inclusion in the Star Wars movie would be pretty cool though, as he is a versatile actor and a rising star.

Rachel Hurd-Wood
 and Alex Pettyfer are also rumoured to be possible contenders for roles in the film.

Star Wars Episode VII is due out in 2015.

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