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Superman Ready to Fly Again

Man of Steel sequel flies into production.

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]es, Warner Bros has, in a move that almost everyone saw coming, already begun work on its Man of Steel sequel.

Man of Steel has had an excellent start in the box office with everyone’s favourite big blue boy scout totaling £52.2 million worldwide. In its opening day in the U.K it has made £3.3 million already, topping Iron Man 3’s opening day haul.

Both writer and director David S. Goyer and Zak Snyder are set to return, however, producer Christopher Nolan will take a less hands-on role, presumably to focus on his own projects (more specifically Interstellar). Henry Cavill, too, is locked in to return, though nothing official has been announced thus far.

Goyer, who is linked to writing duties for the planned Justice League film, spoke recently to CraveOnline about the possibilities of Lex Luthor as the sequel’s villain. “If Lex is going to exist in the world, we would presumably have to give him the same treatment that we gave Lois Lane in the first film, which is make him a credible character. […] He’s gotta be a man of incredible intelligence, and presumably a man of incredible wealth and incredible resources.”


Man of Steel is out in U.K cinemas now.


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