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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ome people took it way too seriously, for others it was just bloody good fun. Whatever your opinion, 1991’s Point Break is set for a remake.

The bank heists, the endless parade of surfer dudes, not to mention a selection of breath-taking stunts, helped to make this an all-action flick that pressed (nearly) all the right buttons. Even if the bank  jobs, carried out by a crew known as ‘The Dead Presidents’, looked a little amateurish to be realistic, the latex masks always raised a smile.

But for all its downright silliness, there are times where the film is quite moving. Whether Keanu Reeves manages to cut the mustard as an undercover cop is up for debate, but most would agree that the late Patrick Swayze did a fine job as Bodhi, the adrenaline junkie/criminal gang leader at the heart of the story.

Another movie would, of course, have a certain poignancy now that Mr Swayze is no longer with us. There are surely plenty of candidates out there who would be ready to take the reins, but whether they’d be able to do the role justice is another matter. It is rumoured that the film will have international extreme sports as its backdrop, rather than surfing, so there would be more scope for the chosen actor to make the part their own.

Not so long ago, there was also talk of a sequel, Point Break Indo. The fact that a title was agreed on would suggest that it was very close to getting off the ground, but ultimately never did. Jan de Bont and Jeff Wadlow were both linked as far as production went, but on the acting front, neither Swayze nor Reeves were ever considered. With constant delays thrown into the mix, we were left with a project that was doomed, even though the original was directed by such a major player as Katherine Bigelow.

But it looks like surf’s up for the rehash, with the finished article slated for release at the end of this year.

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