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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]arner Bros’ planned prequel to The Shining has a new name and a new writer. The first draft of the screenplay will be penned by Glen Mazzara of The Walking Dead fame, and the film will be titled The Overlook Hotel (after the world’s spookiest bed and breakfast, star of the original film).

In attempting to script a prequel to a film based on a book by prolific horror author Stephen King, directed by auteur Stanley Kubrick, and starring the inimitable Jack Nicholson, Mazzara has a pretty tough job on his hands. Some are questioning the need for a prequel to the classic film, while others are cautiously looking forward to the opportunity to learn more about the Overlook’s sordid history (and hopefully be scared out of our wits while we’re at it).

The Shining is experiencing somewhat of a revival at the moment, with the release of fan documentary Room 237, King’s upcoming sequel to the original novel (titled Doctor Sleep and set for publication in September 2013), and the original film’s own re-release.

There is no word as yet on who will direct or star in the prequel, nor have we been given any clues as to the plot. However, it seems likely that the film will revolve around whatever violent or unearthly events took place in the Overlook Hotel long before the Torrances got anywhere near it – perhaps we’ll be treated to another glimpse of the Grady twins? Watch this space.

Source:Total Film

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