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[dropcap]M[/dropcap]atthew McConaughey has joined the cast of Christopher Nolan’s eagerly awaited science fiction project Interstellar.

He confirmed to the Minneapolis Star Tribune that he will star in Interstellar but was unable to give any further details on his role. McConaughey is going through somewhat of a renaissance (McConaughey-ssance?) in his career of late. His roles in Magic Mike, The Lincoln Lawyer and Killer Joe have garnered much applause from critics.

Nolan described Interstellar as a science fiction film dealing with time travel and alternate dimensions. It will follow a group of explorers who travel through wormholes. He claims that the film, written by the younger Nolan, Jonathan, is based on the scientific theories of Caltech physicist Kip Thorne.

Interstellar will be Nolan’s follow up to the brilliant trilogy closer The Dark Knight Rises. Nolan and time travel? Prepare to have your mind boggled.

Source: Guardian
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