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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]t was back with a vengeance in its traditional ‘Oscars Eve’ slot, and for The Razzies 2013 the chosen victim was Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2.

There’s nothing quite like a Golden Raspberry (to give the awards their full name) to bring an outsized ego crashing back down to earth. If you’re really lucky/unlucky you can bag two, three, or even, in the case of the third instalment of the Twilight saga, seven.

They included, in no particular order (as if it would matter): Worst Picture, Worst Re-make/Rip-off or Sequel, Worst Screen Ensemble, Worst Director, Worst Supporting Actor, Worst Screen Couple and Worst Actress. The recipient of the latter, Kristen Stewart, was also nominated for her efforts in Snow White and the Huntsman.

The night’s other ‘big winner’ was Adam Sandler. The Razzie stalwart was given the ultimate dishonour of Worst Actor for his performance in That’s My Boy, with the film also given the title of Worst Script. A special mention must go to Rihanna, described by Razzie founder John J. B. Wilson as “Rambert – a female Rambo.” She metaphorically walked away with the Worst Supporting Actress award, striking a blow for all those who get a little disconcerted whenever a pop star crosses over to the movies – or is that just me?

But seeing as this is probably the last chance we’ll get to give the franchise a good panning, and we apologise to millions of fans in advance, let’s get back to the picture that swept the board. Wilson said: “People take it (Twilight) so seriously. I believe that rather than 40 million girls who bought tickets, it was 4 million girls who bought ten tickets each.”As expected, Stewart was not present to bask in her proud moment, so the audience had to make do with a cardboard cut-out.

Which just about sums-up why we love The Razzies so much.

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