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The fifth Die Hard movie, A Good Day to Die Hard, hit UK screens this Valentine’s Day. An odd choice of release date for an action film – or, perhaps not. For every loved-up couple that headed down to the multiplex yesterday, there are a hundred singletons who are sick to the back teeth of having heart-shaped chocolates and two-for-one deals shoved in their faces. A no holds barred high octane action flick might be just their cup of tea.

Also being released in the UK right about now are Beautiful Creatures and I Give It a Year. I Give It a Year is a heart-warming rom-com about a newlywed couple during their first year of marriage, while Beautiful Creatures looks as though it’s about to re-create the Twilight format for people who are bored as hell with the glittering undead. In other words, they are both perfect Valentine fodder, in their different ways.

However, for those of us who are not so lucky as to have found someone to share that awkward middle armrest with, or for the odd couple who despise both rom-coms and enchanting flights of supernatural fancy, it’ll have been Die Hard 5 all the way, baby. The Die Hard franchise has never been one for taking itself too seriously – just take a look at the various ad campaigns for movie number five, particularly the television spot which proclaims “This Valentine’s Day, prepare for those three little words you’ve been longing to hear – YIPPEE. KI. YAY.” Or, the marvellously awful ‘Yippee-Ki-Yay Mother Russia’ slogan.

Choosing to release the film on V-Day wass simply cocking a snook to the haters, as well as a clever way of drawing in punters by providing them with an opportunity to stick a middle finger up to romance and buy a ticket for the most unromantic film possible.  Yes, despite claims that a paltry 12A certificate will mean A Good Day to Die Hard will be a mere shadow of its forebears, it’s looking like the action film gave its more romantic competitors a damn good run for their money at the box office on yesterday’s Valentine’s Day.

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