Film News

Thu 17 Jan, 2013 @ 10:58 GMT

Only the other night I was lying in bed watching the classic that is Beverly Hills Cop for what must have been the billionth time. It’s just one of those films that I can watch over and over and not get bored with. For those of you looking for a fresh twist on the 80’s comedy however, good news! Axel Foley is to live and breath again, only this time it will be in a TV series.

That’s right; Eddie Murphy is to reprise his role as the loud-mouthed lawman for CBS, with the series focusing on his son Aaron, who will be played by Brandon T Jackson. According to Nina Tassler, CBS president, “Eddie’s in the pilot and said he wants to come back multiple times during the first run.” I’m dreaming of bananas in tailpipes already.

It would be fair to say that the franchise lost its way a little as it went along, mercifully coming to an end after the third instalment. Who’s to say that this new venture won’t top the sequels and prove itself to be on a par with the original and best?

On a personal level, as much as Foley was the nucleus and star of the show, things wouldn’t have been the same without Detective Billy Rosewood, played by Judge Reinhold, and Inspector Todd, played by Gil Hill. Reinhold has been more involved with TV since his Beverly Hills days, so this could be a project right up his street. Hill, who was famously re-enacting his day job for the movie, could unfortunately be a little long in the tooth for a comeback.

Sadly, there is nothing to suggest that German musician Harold Faltermeyer will also be rolling back the years and contributing to the series’ soundtrack, less so his memorable Axel F composition. If nothing else, it could finally consign any lingering memories of the Crazy Frog version to the dustbin.

A release date is also yet to be confirmed at this moment in time, but if ever there’s been a series worth waiting for then this is it.