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Hands up if you remember Morph! For those of you who do, there’s good news; Aardman Animations are bringing the cult clay critter back to life in a brand spanking-new picture.

The team who gave us Wallace and Gromit have made the film exclusively for viewing on The Space, a new digital arts service which is a joint venture by the BBC and Arts Council England.

This is but one small cog in the wheel that is a celebration of 38 years of Forkbeard Fantasy, the UK theatre and arts company to which many owe a huge debt. Morph is, of course, one hell of an exciting small cog, as people of a certain age group, which includes yours truly, will remember tuning in after school to artist Tony Hart.

Each week the shows, which included Take Hart and Hartbeat, were a blast, from Hart showing off his limitless talents, to ‘The Gallery’, which showcased work sent in by viewers. But Morph was always what everyone was talking about the next day. He made his TV debut in 1977, with his home being a wooden pencil box. Unfortunately, in 2005, some early Morph models were lost to a fire in the warehouse in which they were being stored. Happier times were ahead, however, when he celebrated his 30th birthday in 2007.

To view this latest movie, viewers must first negotiate their way through a series of online puzzles and games. Once all that is complete, they are able to sit back and enjoy something entirely unique. Apart from Morph himself, there is also newsreel footage of the eureka moment where, with a combination of ‘several secret ingredients and scientific wonder’, Plasticinematography was created.

It is thanks to this that we have been able to marvel at the animation behind Morph, Wallace and Gromit, plus many more besides. To view, visit

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