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Sandy Scuppers Noah’s Ark

Nothing is safe from Hurricane Sandy, as filming of Noah's Ark is put on hold

Damage from Hurricane Sandy has put the brakes on production for the future film adaptation of Noah’s Ark.

The Biblical epic, which is being directed by Darren Aronovsky and will star Russell Crowe in the title role, has apparently been five years (or should that be 5700 years?) in the making. Unfortunately, a set for the long-awaited project is located in Oyster Bay, which was directly in the storm’s path.

Right now, the biggest concern is whether or not part of the exterior of one of the two purpose-built arks withstood the onslaught. At 75-feet high, 450-feet long and 45-feet wide, it is one hell of a centrepiece, so it would be tragic if any real damage has been done.

Whilst it has been confirmed that the interior set has escaped unscathed, there is no real way to survey its outside counterpart, due to the amount of fallen trees and other debris scattered around. Travel in the area has become increasingly difficult in the meantime, with many roads blocked.

Along with Crowe, Emma Watson and Sir Anthony Hopkins are the other main cast members holed up in New York, waiting patiently for things to take a turn for the better. They would appear to be in good spirits, having posted light-hearted tweets about the sheer irony of the situation. But with time and a budget to consider, perhaps the same cannot be said of director Aronovsky, who has decided that, for now, the outdoor ark should be partially dismantled.

Unsurprisingly, no-one really knows how long the delay will last at this stage, although the release date for the film is still set for March 2014.

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