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Storyline Contenders for Star Wars Episode VII

With Disney looking to release another Star Wars instalment in 2015 we look at storyline contender for Star Wars Episode VII.

So Disney has purchased Lucasfilm for billions of Imperial Credits and there isn’t a thing the Galactic Senate can do about it.

But is that really such a bad thing? As news spread across social media, like the Emperor’s Sith Lightning, many speculated that this could mean an Episode VII of the Star Wars saga and, as more details were released, it turns out this could well be true, with an official statement commenting that 2015 could be the next chapter’s release date.

But what storyline could that next chapter take? Star Wars fans will already be well aware of the many books that follow the Star Wars universe and have been authorised by Lucasfilm previously, the most notable of which is the Thrawn Trilogy. These books, written by Timothy Zahn, see Luke Skywalker fall in love (this time not with a family member) and set about finding any remaining Jedi. Han and Leia also have some kids, but not content with just being mum to two potential new Jedis, Leia herself looks to tap into whatever powers her father passed on and also helps to restore the senate. Meanwhile, an Imperial sympathiser ‘Thrawn’ tries to thwart their plans for galactic peace.

These books are incredible and for many years fans have clearly said that this could be the best way to finish the so called nine part story that George Lucas himself has hinted at in the past. But, as reported by E!, it’s likely any new movie will take an original angle.

But, now Disney has taken over, could we see a film that pays respect to the stories already written and enjoyed by fans the world over? George Lucas has, in recent years, taken to ignoring almost everything his fans want and if some had their way they wouldn’t think twice about throwing him into a Sarlacc pit. So it could be that until now he’s just been too precious about coming up with his own story line to allow someone else to take the credit.

Roobla thinks that possible storylines cannot go too far from the obvious. Of course there’ll have to be some way of rebuilding the senate, restoring peace across the galaxy, building a new Jedi council and working out what to do with all those cloned storm troopers who know nothing other than to shoot lasers randomly in the hope they might hit someone.

There certainly could be a possibility of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford reprising their roles, as older versions of their characters of course, but then, with about 20 years between the stories of Episodes III and IV, any film could well portray Luke, Leia and Han as OAPs.

Whatever the storyline, we’re trying to stay positive. Worries over Disney taking over Marvel proved to be unfounded when Avengers Assemble was released and was awesome. So hopefully they will follow suit with Star Wars: Episode VII. Let’s face it, if anyone has the power and money to make it great then Disney has, let’s just hope Jar Jar Binks is long gone.

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