Prometheus Noomi Rapace 2012

Director Ridley Scott is reportedly preparing a sequel to his blockbusting sci-fi almost-prequel Prometheus, which was released in June 2012. This news comes after Prometheus, which was budgeted at $130m, has grossed $303m worldwide, and still has plenty of room for growth. We take a look at what a Prometheus sequel could mean…

Prometheus Noomi Rapace 2012

We know what you’re thinking. Four original films (all with different directors), two franchise-melding spin-offs in the shape of the Alien Vs Predator fiasco (also with different directors), and one mega-confusing, open-ended, ‘not-a-prequel’ prequel directed by the same man who directed the very first of the original films. Just when we thought the Alien plot couldn’t possibly get any thicker than it already is, Scott (in conjunction with 20th Century Fox) decides to smack us with a sequel to the ‘not-a-prequel’ prequel. Confused? We know we are.

Essentially, what we think is happening is this: Prometheus, which was originally conceived as a prequel to Alien, developed into more of a reboot, in the style of The Amazing Spiderman and Star Trek. It became a re-imagining of the origins of the Alien species. This meant that technically the reboot didn’t have to strictly adhere to the set-up of the first Alien film, providing the filmmakers with ample opportunity to explore, and change direction at will. They certainly seem to be taking advantage of that opportunity, with the imaginatively nick-named Prometheus 2 looming large on the horizon.

Stars Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender have both been contracted to reappear in the second film, after their characters Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and David the Robot jetted off into the stars together at the finale of Prometheus. Due to the conspicuously open ending of Prometheus, it has not really come as a surprise to many that a sequel is in the works. To some however, it has come as a disappointment.

Fans of the Alien franchise were thrilled to hear that Ridley Scott, director of the original (and perhaps best) Alien film, would be back at the helm on movie number five. Many of these same fans found themselves shaking their heads as they walked out of theatres, confused and saddened by what they saw as a badly scripted, wildly overreaching film complete with a plot which was holier than a Swiss cheese (read our discussion here). Since then, there have been calls for the filmmakers to simply let the series die. Then again, there are also those who feel that Prometheus is an intriguing, philosophical addition to the series, allowing it the opportunity to develop.

Like the ill-fated Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), focus of the first four Alien films, and like the Titan Prometheus, who was punished for stealing fire from the Gods by having his liver repeatedly ripped out and grown again, the Alien franchise just keeps on coming back to life – whether that’s a good thing, or a bad thing, remains to be seen.