Film News

Fri 15 Jun, 2012 @ 07:52 GMT

Following the remarkable box office success of The Woman in Black, Hammer Films were quick to announce plans for a follow-up. New plot details for the sequel, titled The Woman in Black: Angels of Death, have now been released.

The first film, which came out in February 2012 and starred Daniel Radcliffe, was a spooky tale of murder from beyond the grave at Eel Marsh House, an old abandoned mansion roamed by the vengeful spirit of a woman in black. She would punish any living person who caught a glimpse of her by causing children in the local village to kill themselves. Lawyer Arthur Kipps (Radcliffe) became embroiled in the ghostly goings-on when he was sent to the house on business. Finding that his own son could be in danger, he set about trying to find a way to appease the merciless ghoul.

In the recently revealed plot of The Woman in Black: Angels of Death, Eel Marsh House has now been turned into a World War II military mental hospital. The arrival of the disturbed soldiers re-awakens the restless spirit dwelling within the haunted mansion. A young nurse named Eve, who is sent to the house to help care for the soldiers, realises that she must try to save the men from the murderous ghost. But, one by one, they begin to fall victim to the mysterious woman in black.

The first film was based upon a best-selling novel by Susan Hill and became the most successful British horror film of the last twenty years. The script for Angels of Death will be written by Jon Crocker, but the film-makers will be liaising with Susan Hill during the development process and the film is planned to be a smooth continuation of the story.

There is no word as yet on who will star in Angels of Death, but judging by the success of its predecessor, it seems likely that the film will attract a lot of interest and possibly a few high profile names. The film is expected to be released in 2014.