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How To: Survive an Alien Invasion

How a glass of water and a runny nose may just save your life...

So some pesky aliens from some deep region of space have decided to try and take over our planet? Well, we won’t go down easily! Using this simple guide, the human race will not only prevail but bust up some aliens, too!

The first step in any sort of survival plan is to be prepared. After taking a look at some of the examples of some of the aliens that have tried to take over the world in the movies, here is a short list of survival items:

1. Baseball bat: A great tool to batter aliens (such as those seen in Signs) with.
2. Bottles of water: Good to keep you hydrated and to dissolve those water soluble aliens in Signs.
3. Terrible old music: The tunes of Tom Jones, for example. Mars Attacks proves aliens are allergic to bad music.
4. A gun: Just simple really. Aliens aren’t impervious to being shot.

As you can see there was no mention of cold and flu tablets. This is because aliens are massive wieners and can’t handle having the sniffles. They get sick and die so having a cold could work to your advantage.

Using these basic supplies, most of which you can find in homes (apart from the gun), surviving an alien invasion shouldn’t be too difficult. The most logical thing to do is steal yourself a fire truck, play bad music as loud as possible and spray the hose over everything that moves. As you drive through the city or area of invasion make a point to sneeze on everything that looks extra terrestrial.

Follow this bit of advice and not only will you survive but you will be an alien invasion hero! Good luck!

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