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Top 10 Movie Dogs

Cinema's top dogs...

Not only is he man’s best friend but the humble dog is quite chummy with cinema too. We run down our favourite cinema dogs…

10. Fly – Babe

Taking Babe in as her own, Fly protects the confused piglet from the big bad world. Babe himself would have appeared on the list but a pig impersonating a sheepdog, no matter how good, just isn’t a dog! (But we love him all the same.)

9. Tramp – Lady and the Tramp

Disney have given us countless loveable dogs through the years but none as loveable as the scruffy Tramp. Who’d have though two dogs eating spaghetti could be romantic? When our dog eats spaghetti it just goes everywhere.

8. Milo – The Mask

Best friend to Jim Carrey’s Stanley, Milo gets his chance to shine in The Mask, too. Getting Stanley out of many a scrape Milo turns into a ferocious green headed pitbull when he dons the mask and helps Stanley defeat the baddies. Good boy!

7. Einstein – Back to the Future

We don’t think we know a braver dog than Back to the Future’s Einstein. Who else would willingly allow themselves to be the guinea pig for the Doc’s crazy time travel experiment? Cent into the future (albeit by a minute) Einstein becomes the world’s first time traveller. Quite fitting considering his name.

6. Marley – Marley and Me

Based on the best selling true story written by John Grogan Marley and Me features one of cinema’s most loveable pooches. Destructive but as cute as an Andrex puppy Marley captured the audience’s heart when he leapt into the arms of Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston.


5. Padfoot – Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Not quite a werewolf, Harry’s Godfather Sirius manages to transform in to Padfoot thanks to his being an animagus. Allowing him to accompany Harry in situations where he would otherwise be spotted (and no doubt arrested), Sirius’s alter-ego is a lot cuter than the ferocious Fluffy who appears in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

4. Hooch – Turner and Hooch / K-9 – K-9

Okay, technically this is cheating but they both star in detective comedies that were released within four months of each other so we’re forgiven, right? Hooch is Hanks’s star witness who tears up his home whilst James Belushi is given K-9 as a means of protecting him from a murderous drug dealer. Both deliver the laughs so both deserve a place on our list!

3. Lassie – Various Lassie films

The one, the only, it’s Lassie! What’s that? Someone’s stuck down the old mine?? You could count on Lassie to sniff out danger. Forever being reincarnated, Lassie’s one of cinema’s longest legacies, having been saving people since the 1940’s.

2. Sam – I Am Legend

Featuring in one of the saddest doggie deaths in cinema history, we had to pull ourselves together after watching Will Smith kill his canine best friend in I Am Legend. After rushing to save her owner Sam is infected by the zombie epidemic that has ravished the world leaving Smith no choice but to kill or be killed. He’d had her since a puppy and she was his only companion, godammit! Pass us the tissues!

1. Gromit – Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Ah, the great voiceless Gromit. Winning our hearts in Aardman’s sporadic Wallace and Gromit TV series, Gromit manages to voice unspoken words through his masterful facial expressions. Perhaps the best embodiment of the relationship held between man and dog, Wallace and Gromit’s escapades thrill as much as they entertain. With his saving the hapless Wallace on countless occasions we think Gromit would be a pretty cool dog to know.

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