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Top 10 Shakespearean Adaptations

As William Shakespeare’s prominence in contemporary culture has somewhat dampened in recent years, we glance a selective eye over some of the most worthy Shakespearean adaptions.

William Shakespeare has gradually phased out of mainstream culture as a result of modern society’s reluctance to grapple with the original verse. There has been a growing number of films that lay claim to Shakespeare, however, their validity is somewhat challenged – O, 10 Things I Hate About You and She’s the Man. To the Bard’s most faithful, these adaptations are nothing but sleazy spin-offs, as they ultimately discard original text language. This discussion evidently coincides with the question, what is deemed to be Shakespearean? With the premise that Shakespeare = original verse, we glance a selective eye over the many true adaptations, in an attempt to pick out the top ten movies most worthy of its Shakespearean title.

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