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Film Preview: Dom Hemingway

A preview of up-coming gangster movie Dom Hemingway, starring Jude Law and Richard E. Grant

After what seems like a lifetime playing Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick Dr Watson, Jude Law is set to star as a safecracker in Dom Hemingway, due to hit our screens next year.

A film that could be the latest addition to the noble ranks of classic British-based gangland flicks, Dom Hemingway will tell the story of the titular character (Law), who, after spending twelve years banged-up for basically keeping his mouth shut, is out to claim his ‘reward’. Teaming-up with best friend Dickie (Richard E Grant), he is back on the mean streets of London to pocket the cash, also visiting the South of France to catch-up with crime boss Demian Bichir. Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke (aka Daenerys Targaryen) is on hand to add some glamour.

What’s perhaps most interesting about the film, still in its early stages, is that it could mark a crossroads in the respective careers of both its director/writer and lead actor. Richard Shepard has still to live up to the undoubted promise he showed with The Matador back in 2005. After that he followed-up with the less than successful The Hunting Party, which even Richard Gere couldn’t salvage, and has mostly been involved with TV work since then. Dom Hemingway is similar to The Matador in terms of subject matter though, so no doubt many will be expecting a return to form.

So what about the former Mr Sienna Miller/Sadie Frost? Many will be dying to see Law in the lead once again, although if much of his back catalogue is anything to go by it would seem that supporting roles suit him down to the ground. A lot of cinema-goers still hark back to his turn as assassin Harlen Maguire in Road to Perdition, which was memorable in a picture with more than its fair share of towering performances. On the other hand, this would suggest that he is quite at home in a gangland setting, so we may well see him hit similar heights as the main focus of his latest vehicle.

With Dom Hemingway still very much in the making and not due for release until 2013, we have only that dreaded s-word, speculation. But, looking into the Roobla crystal ball, we think all the signs point towards success…

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