We look at the Marvel characters who haven’t been in a movie yet in our top 10 Marvel superheroes that should be next in line for the big screen treatment and who should play them…


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  1. Onyx4U

    Not to seem pedantic but Justin Hartley did NOT play Aquaman in Smallville – he played Aquaman in a Pilot episode of the same and played Green Arrow/Oliver Queen in Smallville…

  2. Bronson

    God those are some of the worst casting choices I have ever seen. I laughed for a good five minutes. Will smith as black panther is the icing on the cake.

  3. Darkness

    Somehow I can't see Will Smith in these kinds of role, Justin Hartley was the Green Arrow as stated by Onyx. Somehow I don't see big names taking on these roles

  4. Dionysus

    Against: Would he be prepared to spend the majority of his time in a pair of speedos?
    God, I could only hope so LOL

  5. Chan

    Idris elba as the black panther

  6. GMan

    Has the writer of this ever actually read a comic!

  7. Really

    Micheal jai white could be black panther really iron fist not Luke cage horrible actor choice

  8. Johnathan Bullis

    I'd like to see a Cable and Deadpool movie.

  9. Anonymous

    what about Marvel's the inhumans