(Written prior to The Dark Knight Rises)

The Best…

Batman Begins

5. The Voice

A controversial choice, perhaps, but one that – when you stop and think about it – makes perfect sense. If you had a problem with Bale’s growling in Batman Begins, and particularly The Dark Knight, then take a step back. In the scene where Batman grabs bent cop Flass and puts the fear of God into him you soon realise this a very different beast (and we mean beast) to previous big-screen versions, and a big part of it is the voice – barely concealing a shaking rage.

4. The Train Fight

Although Nolan really got a grip of action sequences in The Dark Knight, this scene tonally summed up the difference between Ras Al Ghul and Batman perfectly, echoing advice given to Bruce Wayne earlier in the film. Finishing off with a fantastic image of Batman billowing out of the train, and the crash itself, it was an excellent way to finish off the film

3. The League of Shadows

Stealing every scene he is in, Neeson is the epitome of nonchalant malevolence in Batman Begins. Although perhaps not the most bombastic or terrifying villain Batman has faced over Nolan’s two films (that award surely goes to Heath Ledger’s Joker), he is perhaps the most psychologically interesting. Although the Joker presented a man with a terrifying anarchy and amorality, it was Neeson’s head of the League of Shadows that had the more interesting moral ambiguity. He also gets the best line in the script at the beginning of this clip.

2. The Slow Reveal

‘Where are you?!’ Batman does finally begin when he’s revealed in the dockyard. A slice of Batman at his very best.

1. The Interrogation

An example of how the Joker is Batman’s greatest adversary. Just by getting under his skin, the mental advantage is tipped in his favour and pushes Batman to breaking point. It is also filled with the dark humour associated with Ledger’s interpretation.

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