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The Joneses (2009) – Film Review

The Joneses move in next door...

When the Joneses move in next door they really do seem like the family who’ve got it all. The perfect beautiful couple Steve and Kate Jones (David Duchovny and Demi Moore) have all of the latest gadgets and more leisure time than you could possible shake a stick at. Their teenage children Jenn and Mick (Amber Heard and Ben Hollingsworth) appear to be the physical embodiment of too cool for school, whether it’s showing off the latest lipsticks in the locker room or rocking parties at home, everyone wants to be them. Yet within this self-labelled social commentary of the world’s increasingly consumerist lifestyle it quickly becomes apparent that the Joneses have more on their minds than getting to know their new and upmarket suburban next door neighbours.

The Joneses is fresh and exciting and the plot itself has plenty of original concepts and twists. Whilst conceptually clever in its creation, The Joneses takes care not to be too taxing, allowing views to enjoy the complexity of the plot whilst still having time for some light-hearted laughter and entertainment. A wealth of sub-plots blend seamlessly into the tale of The Joneses; an unconventional love story, teenage angst and the inability to be truly able to express yourself. Derrick Borte’s film tackles a wide range of issues at the heart of modern life, from within the hub of a family to the wider world as a whole. It opens up the film to a wide audience with appeal for all and leaves much to ponder upon.

An acclaimed cast adds to the well-oiled machinery that makes up the film, as both Demi Moore and David Duchovny present with an almost effortless ease characters who are immensely real and tangible, even in perhaps foreign situations. This is directly complimented by the supporting performances from Ben Hollingsworth and Amber Heard whose stellar performances add additional depth and layers. With everything from shiny new cars to romance, The Joneses is a film that will appeal to all genders and ages, making for easy watching.


Best gadget: The cars.

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