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Roobla Podcast EP 10: An interview with writer & director duo Josh Covitt & Michael Feld

In this week's Roobla Podcast Josh & Micheal talk about their the award winning short film 40 Minutes Over Maui 

Hello everybody, what’s up? You’re listening to the Roobla Podcast with me, Tom Salmon! The show that dives into music, film and games and everything else in between.

My guests on this week’s episode are the writer & director duo Josh Covitt and Michael Feld, who created the award winning short film 40 Minutes Over Maui (2019). The film has been screened at the Tribeca Film Festival, LA Shorts, Indy Shorts and many more!   

We jumped into Josh and Michael’s film festival experience and their collaborative writing process and the challenges of making a short film set in a picturesque Hawaii holiday resort and shooting it in a tiny hotel room in California in just two days.

You can find out more about 40 Minutes Over Maui at www.40minutesovermaui.com right now!

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