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5th Bourne movie to be delayed until summer 2016

Universal has pushed the release of Bourne 5 back by a year to July 2016

The as yet untitled 5th film in the Bourne series has been pushed back a year after apparent issues with the script.

Andrew Baldwin was recently brought in to take a crack at revamping the screenplay (written by Anthony Packham), which may be the reason behind Universal’s move. The film was originally supposed to be released on August 14th 2015, but now it will have a US release date of July 15th 2016.

Justin Lin will direct, with Jeremy Renner returning as Aaron Cross, but with the film still in its relatively early stages there is no news on other cast members or plot details as of yet.

By the time this 5th film comes out, there will have been a four year hiatus between Bourne films (The Bourne Legacy was released in 2012). It remains to be seen whether this gap will cause the franchise to lose any steam. Our guess would be probably not.

After all, there have been far longer gaps between films in other franchises (the Alien films and Star Wars being prime examples. At least we know some careful thought is being put into the script, and the film won’t be rushed into production.


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