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Video: Model of Grand Budapest Hotel constructed from Lego

A bunch of movie nerds - God love 'em - have built a model of Wes Anderson's iconic Grand Budapest Hotel out of more than 50,000 lego bricks

One thing everybody loves about Wes Anderson movies is the design. The distinctive sense of style and symmetry always leaves us wondering how many times a scene had to be filmed again because someone moved half a foot too far to the left, or because the handle of the tea pot was facing the wrong way.

Well, a group of very design savvy film fans have taken their appreciation for Anderson’s world-building to its logical conclusion, and built a Lego model of the Grand Budapest Hotel, the signature building from the director’s latest feature.

With Ryan Ziegelbauer at the helm, it took a team of ten people about 575 hours to build the mini-hotel, which measures 7 ft in height and 6.5 ft in width. The model uses over 50,000 Lego bricks, which the team tracked down all over the world, sourcing the pieces they needed from collectors.

If you happen to find yourself in Los Angeles any time soon, you’ll be able to go to see the model at the A+D Architecture and Design Museum.

The Grand Budapest Hotel will be relased on DVD in the UK on July 7th.

Sources: Youtube, Guardian

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