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Video: First glimpse of alien life on Star Wars set

Get ready to squee over this first glimpse from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII

Apologies if we’re bombarding you with Star Wars related things at the moment, but this is something we’re certain you’ll want to see!

The first on set video from Star Wars: Episode VII has arrived, and it’s wondrous. The video is in aid of UNICEF’s Innovation Labs and Programs, and offers fans the chance to actually appear in Epsiode VII (check out www.omaze.com for more info).

But never mind all that, because here’s the main attraction; the man himself J J Abrams gives us a glimpse of what looks very much like Tatooine, as well as a seriously brilliant little alien wandering in from stage left.

Total Film says that he looks ‘like a cross between Yoda and a Tauntaun with a bit of Labyrinth thrown in for good measure’, and we’d have to agree. He wouldn’t be out of place cropping up in the background of The Dark CrystalJim Henson would certainly approve.

The alien seems to be non-CGI, which is brilliant news for everyone wanting to see a bit of a return to the aesthetic of Episodes IV, V and VI  (and for everyone who hated Jar Jar Binks – which is everyone).

What do you think of J J’s new pal?

Sources: YouTube, Total Film

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