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Film Trailer Review: Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

A review of the new trailer for Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, “I am siege face”.

It has literally been in the wish well for over a decade, Alan Partridge the movie has been the subject of so much “meaty chat” that it was hard to ever imagine a time when the film would be reality. Yet here we are as the man who once called Roger Moore “a towel thief” and attacked the commissioning editor of the BBC with a lump of cheese, is gearing up for his brand new motion picture. Audiences were treated to a teaser a few months back, which suggested a newer direction for the character but here is the full trailer for Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.

This trailer gives vast insight into the plot, in what appears to be a comedy/thriller angle. The trailer looks influenced by Dog Day Afternoon, The Sweeney and Mid-Morning Matters. The plot sees North Norfolk Digital taken over and re-branded, in that buyout one of Alan’s (Steve Coogan) fellow DJ’s Pat Farrell (Colm Meaney) is axed. However the disgruntled Pat initiates a hostile takeover of the station, forcing Alan Partridge to act as his negotiator. From plot alone it is safe to say that this is a very bold new move for the character but the hope that it works springs from whom is involved. Coogan is obviously here but Father Ted director Declan Lowney is at the helm and Armando Ianucci is back on writing duties. It is a nice touch too, to have a well-chosen track, One Vision by Queen backing up the action, which is better than the initial instrumental music. “Classic Queen”.

This film looks genuinely set to be different, cinematic and yet as funny as the newest series of TV Specials. In fairness it is not as laugh-a-minute on this evidence as the likes of I’m Alan Partridge and Knowing Me, Knowing You but it is funny. This trailer has already shot out some neat quotes and moments for fans, “I am Siege Face”, “Welcome to Big School” and “Pat is Pulling me off” among others. This looks very much like the kind of thing Father Ted did in the 90’s with their parody of the film Speed. Add onto this that some various Alan Partridge characters turn up in the trailer and this looks a promising prospect. There are early signs of a forth-and-forth with Lynne (Felicity Montagu)- Alan’s long suffering PA and a few glimpses of Geordie pal Michael (Simon Greenall). Casting news also states a return of rival DJ Dave Clifton (Phil Cornwall) making an appearance too, hopefully off the “boddle”.

There are many things that could go obviously wrong here and when adapting something as followed as this, accidents can easily happen. Various TV-to-film transitions flop and falter but it is with hope and a genuinely funny trailer that this film will not join “that heap of slag”. In fairness this trailer takes a few moments to get going but Alan is back behind a mic, alongside familiar faces and still cracking un-wise gags at people with more punch than he. Yes it may fall apart onscreen but one wonders if even Partridge’s worst could be many peoples best. Dissenters can smell his cheese, until responses prove otherwise.

We await Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, which is released in cinemas on Wednesday the 7th August.

Take a look, have a laugh and share your thoughts about what Alan has just pulled out of his big pocket.

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