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Argo Looks Set to Storm Oscars Following Win at SAG Awards

Ben Affleck’s Argo has pulled ahead in the Oscar race for Best Film after winning top prize at the Screen Actors Guild Awards

Ben Affleck’s Argo is suddenly looking like a much more dangerous contender for Best Film at this year’s Oscars after winning top prizes at both the Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Producers Guild Awards. Affleck was snubbed for a Best Director nomination, but we’re sure the Academy must be kicking themselves for that now as Argo picks up gong after gong.

The award for outstanding performance by a cast in a motion picture was handed to Argo at the SAGs, and at the Producers Guild Awards the film took home the Darryl F. Zanuck Award for Best Producer. Couple that with the film’s performance at the Golden Globes two weeks ago (Best Dramatic Picture and Best Director), and this is starting to look like one hell of a winning combination.

Argo, in which Affleck also stars, is based on real events and set during the 1979 Iranian revolution. When militants storm the US embassy in Tehran and take over 50 American hostages, six manage to slip away to the house of the Canadian ambassador. Exfiltration specialist Tony Mendez (Affleck) is called in to come up with a way of getting them out alive. The scheme is to pose as a film crew scouting locations for a sci-fi film – a plan as foolhardy as it is fiendish.

Here on the Farm, we gave Argo 4 ½ out of 5 stars– and although we might seem like cute fluffy film-obsessed farmyard critters on the surface, beneath the soft exterior we’re a bunch of battle-hardened critics who’ll zero in on a boom shadow or a continuity error like vultures on a carcass. In other words, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if Argo sneaks more than a few Oscars from under the noses of high rollers like Lincoln, Life of Pi and Les Mis.

Silver Linings Playbook was also pegged as a surprise underdog winner this year, but it seems as though Argo is gearing up to blow the heart-warming dramedy right out of the water. The Oscars ceremony will take place on February 24th, and this year the top prize is going to be one tough call…

Sources: Guardian, BBC

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